Sell items by weight

Link HIOPOS with your scales and automate sales of your items by weight. Configure items you want to sell by weight and give them a price per kilo. HIOPOS will automatically calculate the total amount.

Create custom items with barcodes

Automate and improve the efficiency of your business. With HIOPOS barcode reader you can create and sell your products easy and fast.

HIOPOS allows you to create items automatically by simply reading its barcode: Description, image, reference and price among many of the direct creation fields.

Manage your rooms and terraces

The HIOPOS tables screen allows you to intuitively and easily display the sales on hold of your tables.

Combine different rates depending on the space where the products are consumed (terrace, bar…).

Streamline sales and improve customer service

Take orders in less time. Increase tables rotation and optimize the service with the portable devices sending orders instantly to the printers or kitchen screens. Streamline the sale collecting sales directly from the tables by card.

Integrate card payment gateway

Link HIOPOS with a PinPad device to collect payments by card. This would enable you to streamline sales and avoid manual mistakes by not having to re-type the amount of the sale on the PinPad.

Business real time information

Browse your business information from any location and device with a single click thanks to KPIs, tables, cubes and graphs. With Analytics you can compile, analyze and transform information for strategic decision making in real time.

Main features

Item creation by weight

Rates allotment according to schedules and shifts

Item formats

Cost and profit record by item

Connection with scales

Barcodes and references assignment

Items and families customizable with photos

Assign allergens to items

Receipt design

Advanced Statistics

Centralized management of several Points of Sale

Cash control

Business cash control

Link your HIOPOS device with CashDro, cash-counts are always correct

Instant cash counts with no discrepancies

Cash is always safe

Unknown cash losses are avoided

Rejects false banknotes

No change mistakes

More information

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